Between the distance and browsing semi Education presentiality

Much has been said about the education mediated by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) , but in our day and many institutions are supported and navigate between distance and semi presentiality .books-1015594_1280

The fusion of generations which are immersed in an interesting journey, the digital natives and digital immigrants (Prensky , 2001 ) , is already a reality today that educational institutions have gradually built its practice . The use of the Internet as a tool provided to generate a field of care provided to the curiosity and learning is no longer a secret. The current trend is to share without zeal the different productions that we can build when we learn cooperatively and collaboratively.

The MOOC , online courses and the full range of offers available to the semantic network , invites us to grow in a different sense to the teaching and learning methods . No label is educational processes employing distance learning modalities and semi presentiality , as ” good or bad ” . Simply , this is to reflect how educational institutions are using the web browsing and to “grow and transcend .”

The ICT rhythmic Education , School supplies , the University and society in general, amplified latent option either to-face, blended or mixed, or remotely. Living Education is passionate about learning and today, the idea is to live among transcend distance and browsing semi presentiality Education.