Volunteering: a desire, a requirement, a passion

A young man who becomes involved in some type of volunteer service, usually does it for life and hardly becomes indifferent to the plight of others during his adulthood.

Por Paola Barrera
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Many young people donate their time to participate in various activities in the community for several reasons. Some do it because it is a requirement for graduation from high school, others because they belong to a church, or to meet new people. What they do not imagine is that the benefits of doing so are beyond the simple requirement fulfilled or to channel their energy into positive action.

To serve as a volunteer awakens the sense of social awareness in the youth and increase his responsibility.

On the other hand, in my experience I have seen, and the statistics back me up, that young people who engage in some kind of volunteer services are less likely to fall into any destructive behavior (alcohol or tobacco abuses, unwanted pregnancies, etc.). At school perform better than those that do not. Automatically and progressively develops respect for himself and others, social tolerance and racial differences, patience and desire to help others.

If we have young people at home, contribute to their education and community looking for options so they provide volunteer service today and always.

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