Influential Hispanics in the World and Social Networks

Influential Hispanics in the World and Social Networks

Over time we have seen how it has grown the Hispanic population in different parts of the world. The United States has become the second country with more Hispanic population according with ABC with 53 million (17% of its population), according to the forecasts will exceed 128 million in 2060 with an increase of one million per year.

Hispanic growth has been a political, economic, cultural and social importance which increasingly is marking its influence in entire countries, and the rise of social networks many “highlighted” Hispanics have found the perfect space to make themselves known and capture audience. We present an updated list of five young Hispanics who have succeeded in the world and social networks.

 1 Eleonora Pons January 19, Venezuelan living in Miami has been chosen among the thirty most influential teens in 2015 by Time magazine as one star on Vine application, taking into account the eighth most watched in the world with approximately ten million followers


 2 Lejuan James, Puerto Rican-Dominican, has over one million followers; He first broke on the public opinion with his acclaimed play the comedy belonging to the Hispanic community and culture. This young actor has generated a large number of followers in all forms of social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and created a large number of fans worldwide.


 3 Carolina Parada, Venezuelan 34 years old is an engineer graduated from Universidad Simon Bolivar, and is one of the team leaders in developing Google algorithms that drive the voice recognition engine through different platforms when someone says a phrase.

“What fascinates me about working here is the opportunity to work on a technology that will reach millions of people, and that is something quite unique in Google,” she says.


4 Candy Tejeda Ruiz, named Sweet Candy, Mexican has become an influential leader in women’s fashion and lifestyle through its video channel DulceCandy87 has makeup tutorials, guides for crafts and accessories style “do it yourself” with content in English and Spanish, retaining its Latin essence.

Dulce eyes

5 Enrique Acevedo, Mexican, is one of the most influential young US Latino journalists according to The Huffington Post. Acevedo, newscaster in Univision News, Night Edition has won two National Journalism Awards in Mexico and his work as a bilingual journalist is recognized in the United States.


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