18 Tips para escribir un ensayo para la Universidad

Por  International College Counselors
 Un ensayo personal puede mejorar las oportunidades de un estudiante de ser admitido.

The essay may be as short as 150 words, but those words can mean the difference between a “maybe” and a “yes.” The essay tells the admissions committee how and why one student is different from all the others.

El ensayo puede tener unas 150 palabras, pero esas palabras pueden ser la diferencia entre un “quizas” y un “si”. El ensayo le dice al comite de admisiones como y porque un estudiante es diferente frente a todos los demas.

While there is no exact formula for the perfect admission essay, here are some tips to consider when trying to make a lasting impression on someone who reads 50 to 100 essays a day:



  •  Write about yourself.
  • Focus on one facet of yourself.
  • Tell a good story.
  • Keep it real.
  • Present yourself in the best light.
  • Share your opinions, butanything controversial.
  • Don’t repeat information already in your application.
  • Avoid cliché topics unless you have something extraordinary to say. .
  • Leverage your native culture, traditions, and experiences.
  • Copy-and-paste carefully..


  • Avoid scientific words, acronyms, industry jargon, or foreign phrases.
  • OMG! Avoid using slang or other hard-to-decipher language.
  • Profanity. Don’t use any. It will get you noticed. Not in a good way.
  • Spend time on your essay.
  • Check your grammar and spelling.
  • Show the essay to someone who can give you objective feedback.
  • Write the optionalOptional essays are not optional.
  • Don’t lie or plagiarize on the college application.

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